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This story begins with a descendant from the Baron of Pati do Alferes.

When still a child, he heard his father telling stories of the family meetings around the tasty snacks where Mineiros (people from the state of Minas Gerais) could not miss a good Cachaça to open the appetite and start a lively conversation.

But his interest in the production of cachaça happened when in the youth he did voluntary work in the Northeast of Brazil and had the opportunity to learn the manufacturing process in large and small farms.

The taste for contact with nature led him to live in a small farm that besides an orchard, had a small sugarcane planting.

As an engineer, he couldn’t contain the curiosity to try to distill some Cachaça from sugar cane juice that he milled on weekends. After building a small alembic and using his own kitchen, a few liters of cachaça was produced with high quality, to the delight of friends.

The working rhythm, frequent trips and afterwards moving from that site to a smaller property, completely interrupted that activity. But once in a while, nostalgic friends were asking for a return to Cachaça producing.

Years passed and after a long time looking for an ideal place, planting and building the production infrastructure, finally the production of Cachaça Werneck started – an artisanal Cachaça of quality.

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